This is first duo exhibition in London 2017

We talk about our own relationship.

Explore what we felt and think.


In Korea and Japan, the word ‘skinship’ refers to the process of physical bonding between mother and child, between friends and lovers. Washing, sucking, hugging, kissing, caressing, holding hands… Skinship recognises the need for touch beyond on over simplified notion of sexuality. ‘Kinship’ Sits at its care, the forging of gamily beyond blood. As such, skinship recognises the emotional, developmental and political need for meaningful, promiscuously undeterminable connections.

In the context of global capital, love has almost become a cliche in itself. It is so full of junk. We are constantly absorbing messages about what love is, who and how to love. These objects reoccur, forming tropes whose pervasiveness captures romance for sentimentality, whilst implicitly supporting traditional forms of identity by reinforcing heteronormative, and reproductive forms of love.

This exhibition, which has arisen out of a series of conversations and confidences, proposes to make work which honours the anecdote, the private stories we share with friends, the conversations which matter. And, in particular, that most central confidence we share with our kin alone what is our relation to love in its manifold forms?

Nina Park is a Korean illustratior living and working in London. Park plays with narrative throughout her work. Trained as an illustrator, there is a clarity and directness in her visual storytelling practices which she , for this exhibition, extended outside the limitation of the page.

S:kinship (2017)

297*410 Mixed midea 




Oil Pastel Drawing on the Object

Collaboration with Boreum Oh

Mass (2017)

Mass media